Our Founder

A spirited and dedicated educator, Sarah Tan began her career in the field of early childhood education at an early age. Knowing where her strength and passion lies, she quickly attained her specialisation in the field where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (with honours) in Early Childhood Education. Upon graduation, she was engaged by a preschool that admired her for her outstanding performance during her service at the school as an assistant teacher. With strong determination and a natural flair for teaching, Sarah quickly rose to the position of a senior teacher within 2 years and undertook leadership roles where she was tasked to mentor new teachers as well as student-teachers. She was later transferred to an international preschool where she maintained her position and continued to teach for several years. Outperforming her duties, Sarah was again promoted to be a vice principal of the preschool.


Sarah sets high standards for herself when it comes to the planning and implementing of curriculum as she believes that education is about providing meaningful learning experiences for children to learn and develop at their own pace, and should never be forced on an unwilling child.  “All children have the ability to learn, we should figure that out and teach the way they learn.” said Sarah. Most importantly, she also believes that a happy child is one who learns the most and will continue to yearn for more knowledge. This love and passion for teaching subsequently led Sarah to establish Kidz Literacy Cove (KLC) where she aims to further reach out and touch the hearts of the younger generation.



Promoting fun, joy and excellence, Sarah ensures that KLC will be a haven where parents are more than welcome to be part of their children’s education and where children’s torch for learning burns bright and strong.

Sarah is currently serving as the principal of KLC. Together with her teachers, she also conducts classes at KLC and constantly monitors the progress of the children.