Primary 1-6 (7-12years old)

Course Outline:

We conduct English tuition for primary 1 – 6 children. We follow the MOE syllables and work closely with parents and children to meet the needs of individual child. We are the only English tuition Centre in Serangoon to make use of Jolly Grammar to make learning more fun and interactive. “Michelle (Primary 6) student from CHIJ, has improved 10 marks after joining us for 2 terms. Such an incredible result and the effort she has put in has paid off! “ 

Our English tuition is designed to provide a high level of literacy and creative writing amongst kids of an early age. At Kidz Literacy Cove, we’re able to provide English tuition that approaches literacy on a variety of different levels. This ensures that students are able to read and comprehend stories on a higher level and start to tell their own stories.

Serving as a bridge to writing independently and fluently in Primary schools, KLC prizes the use of Jolly Grammar in our Creative Writing program here in Serangoon. This popular program allows children to express and pen their thoughts, feelings, and imaginations in more thorough ways.



Main emphasis of our curriculum:

  • Encourage ideas and imaginations
  • Encourage children to express their feelings and thoughts
  • Expanding sentences
  • Appreciate writing
  • Convey their thoughts into writing


  • Nouns (Common nouns / Proper nouns)
  • Verbs (Present / past tense)
  • Adjectives
  • Conjunctions
  • Prepositions
  • Punctuation marks

Fees: $160 per month (4 lessons)